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Aug 29, 2016

Through any number of factors and influences that have led to this momentous decision, you have decided to attend your first fandom convention. Perhaps it was the guest line-up that called out to your fanatical heart; possibly the insistence of friends that you join them had reached deafening levels. You may have seen an opportunity to hear directly from the creators and artists who shape the worlds you enjoy, in person rather than through someone else's written or recorded accounts. Or perhaps you've reached a level of certainty within your love of some material or genre that you feel prepared to wade into deeper waters, and see how the tide feels. Welcome, youngling, welcome.

There are a number of subjects you can bring up in conversation, both in person and online, that will solicit tomes of advice from all corners. Thankfully, in this emerging era of geek mainstream, one of those subjects that more and more people have opinions and input on is attending fan conventions. While the number of well-run cons steadily rises, and both awareness of and attendance at these cons increase in step, it may be helpful to some to get an idea of how different conventions operate, what they offer, what to expect, and how to look out for your own well being and maximum enjoyment at your first con.

Joined by showrunners Oni Hartstein and James Hartnell of (Re)GenerationWho and Intervention, we discuss tips on how to optimize your time and enjoyment of your first convention, safely and (hopefully) with maximum rewards for your efforts.

[EDITOR'S NOTE: So there's an oddity in this episode, where the audio spectres apparently decided to play the outro at about the 38:00 mark. We've called in the Ghostbusters, and as soon as Holtzmann finishes torching the editing bay, we'll have things corrected for the next release. Sorry about the quirk -- keep listening beyond that minute, the conversation goes on!]