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Dec 31, 2015

Earthquakes and dinosaurs. Time-traveling dictators and mutated sharks. Homicidal snow tires and bubble-wrap aliens. There's enough love in the world for the poignant art films of the intellectual community, as well as the ultra-campy, miniscule budget or ultra-absurd film deviants that actually aim to be awful...right?

In the second of our "Loving Bad Film" installments, we look at those releases that don't even attempt to have such time and resource-intensive characteristics like 'plots', 'budgets', or heaven forbid, 'acting skills'. Who needs them, when you have David Hasselhoff battling a 45-foot rabid dino-skunk with a cyber-chainsaw from the year 2137? Seriously.

We're fortunate enough to be joined by the two creative minds and opinionated entertainment insights of Kim Rogers and Sage Young of the fantastic blog Head Over Feels, a online resource that you probably know far better than this one -- and if not, you obviously should!