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Dec 17, 2015

In a world...where the best laid plans of producers and directors often go awry...

We've all come across some form of entertainment or art that, despite all the best intentions of the creators and artists involved, completely fails to deliver. In the cinematic scope, there are dozens of ways that a film could be an absolute disaster, from technical shortfalls, to budget constraints that force visible shortcuts, to a shoddy scripts and horrific acting.

What some may not always be so ready to admit to is a strange affection for some of these complete disasters -- an odd magnetism that draws a select number of viewers in with a fervor that makes 'cult classics' of them. These fans of failures will step forward as staunch defenders of their ugly darlings, and we're giving them the stage to step up and profess their love for the 'laudable flawed'.

We're joined once again by guests Lauren and Wil -- shameless bad film defenders!

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