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Jun 11, 2015

Our premiere episode! *ding!*

We know those who hear or see something about a film, television, music or literary production yet to be released, and suddenly leap to conclusions about how it will be based on that morsel of information, along with a large scoop of typically negative personal opinion. Let's look at this pre-hate condition, and how accurate it could really be without seeing the final product.

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almost four years ago

Embargo dates are usually a couple of days before release (to the point that people get very jumpy when an Embargo date is on or after release, since that suggests a lack of confidence in the product by the company), but the advantages of them, according to games journalists, when they're not misused by companies (e.g. giving different embargo dates to different outlets) are that it means they can take their time to do a good review of them rather than feeling a need to rush a review out asap, while to the company it means they can use the date the reviews launch as part of their marketing strategy.