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Oct 18, 2016

As the Fourth Doctor once told Sarah Jane Smith in the famed episode, 'Robot', "there's no point in being grown up if you can't be childish sometimes". The world can weigh heavily on the spirit of the adult at times, with demands and responsibilities that only seem to compound by the year. We may find ourselves waxing nostalgic for the days when we could sing to ourselves in a subway station, run wild through a park just to see the reactions on strangers' faces, or close ourselves away in a super-secret space to read a book or play with a puzzle by flashlight. Who says that we can't, though? What rule demands that we surrender our silliness for seriousness? Trade in our comic books for checkbooks? Swap our cartoons for car payments?

This week, we look at the yin and yang between being a capable and functional adult, and retaining the spirit of youthfulness. These don't have to be in any way mutually exclusive, and with the right demonstration of one's capacity for "getting the job done", others can not only accept a little good-natured childishness along the way, but hopefully mirror it a bit, to the benefit of everyone's soul.

Joined this time around by giant kids Deb Stanish and Edie Nugent, we discuss the benefits of balancing adulthood and immaturity, hopefully to mutual advantage.