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Aug 11, 2016

In case you've missed all social media for the past three months, we here in the United States are deep in the heart of convention season, and so to kick off our series of topics that spiral around the con scene, we're starting where many of us begin when setting foot onto any gathering, the vendor and artist booths.

A large part of the appeal of conventions is the opportunity to spend time with any number of like-minded individuals enjoying the same, or often tangential fandoms, sharing stories, trading rumors, and the like. For those making their living in some part by these gatherings, it's wonderful to find that the artists, designers, musicians, and other creative individuals in attendance are equally fanatical about the same things. Many of them find ways to celebrate their fandom by incorporating it into their work. For us as the consuming public, it elevates the experience by giving us access to a wholly original work of art that pays tribute to our beloved subject, approached from a new perspective.

Joined by cartoonist, writer, and illustrator Andy Runton (of Owly fame), and geek-chic clothing designer Jordan Ellis (of the Jordandené line), we discuss the concept of fan-inspired artistry, and the delightfully common ground between those creators, and the line-minded fans who appreciate their work.