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Jun 17, 2016

Transformational fandom is a frequently misunderstood, sometimes maligned part of fandom which seeks to build upon an appreciated franchise to fans' own purposes. Marginalized individuals within that set -- particularly women, POC, and queer fans -- are more likely to be categorized as 'transformational fans' as a result of their efforts to try and make a space for themselves within that subject or franchise.

Transformational fandom isn't without its problems, but it is often unfairly attacked because it challenges the status quo, and is practiced by groups that are in and of themselves easy to attack, or are often subject to retaliation on any number of matters because of their very group affiliation.

Where is the space within the fuller fandom for these appreciators of franchises who seek to do more than collect, quantify, or curate their beloved content? Are they seeking to disrupt more 'traditional' fans, or steal control away from the creators, or are they looking to find (or secure) representation within the universe they equally adore?

This week, we are thrilled to welcome Alyssa to our co-host chair, joining Keir in discussions of this and all upcoming fandom-inclusion and community conversations on In Defense Of. Welcome her with us, and please leave some feedback (and iTunes reviews) to let us know how the dynamic sounds!