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Mar 26, 2016

Spin the wheel at the Apple trailers site, search YouTube for teasers on upcoming film releases or TV premieres, or glance over the top few articles on entertainment sites like EW or Variety, and odds are very good that you'll come across more than a handful of mentions regarding reboots, reinterpretations, revisits, reimaginations, or re-something-or-others of another work that has been produced in the past.

The more pretentious critics will argue that the industry has lost its creativity, that clearly this is a sign that "there is nothing new under the sun", or that shameless cash-grabs by production houses are suppressing original works because of risk on return. Is there something to be said for these reworks that gives them the same credibility, and objective critique, as new creations -- or even their own predecessors?

We're joined this session by Kim Rogers of Head Over Feels, and writer/director/producer Jeff Richards, to discuss the rationale, risks, and rewards of returning to familiar source material.

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