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Feb 24, 2016

In a musical landscape where there are more subcategories and collaborative projects that bridge musical genres than ever before, it's exceedingly difficult to try and pigeon-hole our musical tastes into succinctly-defined boundaries. That said, we still know the nature of "us vs. them", and the speed at which someone can come under fire for having a Nickelback ringtone, or more recently, perhaps tapping their toe along with the Coldplay halftime show during the Superbowl.

Where do these divisions come from, in something as personal as musical tastes? What are the origins of these preferences in the first place, that may lead anyone to feel so strongly about their predilections that they cannot see (hear?) the preferences of others with the same degree of acceptance?

Joined by guests Neil Klompas (@neilisntwitty) and DX Ferris (@dxferris), we look at the nature of music preferences, where they originate, and if/when to respectfully recommend new music.

Our Personal Music Recommendations: