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Jan 29, 2016

Imagine you were part of a book club that sought to expose members to new authors. Each iteration, you'd be handed a title, and you'd dive into it with no knowledge of the writer's background or their other body of work. Consider a book that the club circulates that captures you as a reader. You might even seek out other titles they've written, really becoming an appreciated or admired author.

Now at some later point, you find out that this author has social, political, or moral views that completely differ from your own -- possibly even to an offensive degree. Perhaps they've done something you consider reprehensible, or even criminal. Can you still appreciate their writing? Can you continue to seek out their books, effectively giving them your money to acquire their stories, knowing the type of person they are?

While this is a single, rather escalated hypothetical scenario, it's my no means unusual or even uncommon, particularly if you also include television, film, music, or any art form. So is there a line to be drawn, and if so, where?

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